Who are we?

The goal of the Jack Strong Foundation is to save the “Guardian of the Morning” – the historic yacht of General Ryszard Kukliński, and to fulfill his will, according to which the boat is to train young people. General Kukliński’s yacht is a valuable historical monument that, once restored to its splendour, will once again successfully fulfil its mission of training young people. 

For nearly four years, the vessel waited patiently for better days, which came when the sailing ship was donated to the foundation. We are embarking on a mission to restore the yacht, which will cut through the waves and write new chapters of its history again.



Bringing General Ryszard Kukliński's historic yacht back to the seas and oceans, thus fulfilling the will of the General, who obliged us to train future sailing trainees.


The historical yacht of general Ryszard Kukliński has an interesting and difficult past. The yacht was built in 1965 at the Joseph Conrad Yacht Shipyard in Gdańsk (former name of the Stogi shipyard) as a prototype unit of the Opal series, designed by Edmund Rejewski and Wacław Liskiewicz – yacht constructors written in the history of Polish sailing. Ryszard Kukliński bought a boat from the Navy in 1980. Before that, from 1969, he was a vice-commander, and then a commander of the Atol Club of the soldiers from the Warsaw Garrison.

After Kukliński’s escape to the USA, the yacht was confiscated for the benefit of the state treasury and stored in the Central Maritime Museum.

In 1986, the vessel was bought by the Polish Yacht Club in Gdynia. Two attempts to restore the decaying unit to service have failed. In 1997, the yacht was bought and renovated by the Atlas company and a year later handed over to Kukliński during the colonel’s visit to Poland. Kukliński initially planned to move the yacht to the USA, finally he donated it as a notarized donation to the Christian School Under Sail in Gdańsk. After the renovation, for almost seventeen years it served the yachting training of youth.

The lack of sufficient funds for a thorough renovation meant that four years ago the boat had to be saved from sinking. Until spring 2021, there was no hope of returning the yacht to the sea. It was then that the idea of renovating it and creating a monument to Polish sailing arose. The Jack Strong Foundation bought the yacht to fulfill the general’s will, thanks to the initiative of business leaders.




Leszek Pochroń-Frankowski
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Together, we can make the historic yacht return to the sea. Contact us if you are inspired by the idea of saving the “Guardian of the Morning” and want to learn how to support, together with the Jack Strong Foundation team, the fulfillment of the will of General Ryszard Kukliński – a Polish CIA agent who played a key role in the end of the Cold War and became the hero of one of the most interesting spy stories in the world.


  Dołącz do załogi!